MIDI timing jitter?

Gregorio García ggkarman at airtel.net
Wed Dec 6 16:30:25 CET 2000

Hi, Im new to this list and first of all I would like to congratulate the PD creators&mantainers for this marvelous experience Ive been having these last three days, undergoing the fantastic tutorials & building my first PDinstruments. This is what ive been looking for for years (i knew of MAX, but not for PC, and cmusic is fine but...).
I´m running pd under WIN98 with a SB 64Gold and nothing was easier as installation. Audio works great (at least it did in the tutorial files), but when i started building my first (MIDI) instruments timing is really poor. In a simple scheme like the one in the tutorial for noteon object (noteon + metro) i can´t get a steady output. 
- My question is: Is it due to a pd timing problem under WIN98 (if i put up a counter it doesnt seem to update regularly either)? or maybe to MIDI driver problems.
- Another question is how do i select the port to which midi messages will be directed?

Thanks again for PD!!!!!! 
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