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Fri Dec 8 21:10:51 CET 2000


I use a simple patch made basically of midi objetcs to generate 
score notation for Sibelius using two computers just via midi out and in
 (also with a MTP or midi box).  Using objects such as metro, random , makenote,
 midiout and ctlin only, to generate source material for 
instrumental/mixed  pieces, but not to create a piece itself.  i.e. 
create long series of big orchestra chords controlling with an external 
faderbox the distance between low/high registers, interval 
relationships etc so you can visualise and hear the chord whilst  it is 
being generated on the second computer.

I included a bit of fiddle~ in a recent patch for a piano and LE piece. 
I've been thinking for a while what to do with it because fiddle is 
simply amazing but a bit difficult for being used in a compositional 
What I did was firstly, to use the threshold in order to feed fiddle~ 
only when the pianist plays forte or louder, then due to the fact that fiddle~
 detects several pitches simultaneously, I used this output to feed
 an FM instrument in the patch, so I modified the stream of unpakaged data
 for my needs, lets say for the carrier, modulators, or c/m.

Due to the spectra of the prepared piano has nothing to do with the spectra 
of a synthesis generated sound I went in another direction, trying to interact
 with gestures taking advantage of fiddle. So finally, after detecting
 a sfz. clean partial, fiddle creates an FM clone which is banged. It 
is very pitched related (not timbrally related), then by feeding fiddle 
with big piano clusters I interrupt the clean signal dramatically. When 
the input poliphony is greater than the assigned poliphony to the 
object, the carrier etc get mad following the gesture of the pianist in 
real time.  This bit is quite nice.

There seems to be no problems when using vector size signals greater 
than 64 ie. 1024 but I bang the ;dsp sigvs 64 whenever I call the 
fiddle~ subpatch, just in case.
I put a pdf file called fiddledejavu88.pdf  (66k only ) for you to download
 (if you wish)  at 

It has the first page of the score using fiddle for prepared piano.



On Fri, 08 Dec 2000 13:32:14 +0100 2135 <joergen at> wrote:

# Dear pd folks!
# In old times with MAX I very often used the midi recorder object to get
# structures written into a MIDi Standard File, to get them into Finale to
# make instrumental music. Could somebody write a small MIDI recorder?
# The system exclusive messages were also very usefull in a lot of cases -
# sending via MIDIOUT - I hope this will be in pd as well, soon.
# I have worked with the Fiddle object lately, and I wonder how one could use
# this object or some other object as a tool for spectral composition. The
# idea would be to get some output - like say a MIDI file, that told me about
# partials, theíertime and frequency. Maybe the partial tracker should do the
# job, but I don't know how. 
# Could somebody out there help me?

Ricardo Climent

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