PD 32 for linuxppc

Shamus McConney mcconney at ufl.edu
Mon Dec 11 08:35:28 CET 2000

Gabriel Suerte wrote:
> I normally run MacOS on my G3 (233MHz beige desktop), but
> your PPC build seems to work fine under LinuxPPC-1999Q3
> (2.2.6-15 kernel) using the built-in audio (with "-frags 4 -fragsize 11"
> flags).
I just installed Yellowdog Linux on my G4 and it runs fine as described
above.  Dose anyone have a precompiled RPM of GEM for ppc machines?


Shamus McConney
mcconney at ufl.edu
Master Electrician/Sound Engineer
UF Dept. of Theatre and Dance

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