performance in pd - audiobuf, etc

d d denglertdp at
Mon Dec 11 20:56:36 CET 2000

I'm not sure what you mean by 'no latency'
Low latency I can understand :)
In Win2K are you setting audiobuf?

Once I go below 80 or so, performance is unstable
I'm hoping to get 3-9 msec latency (which would mean setting audiobuf below 
10, something that all machines i've tested on can't do)

As far as a test patch, all I'm doing is routing adc~ straight to dac~ !
And I get unusable latency (for realtime audio processing)

If you ran say a preamped mic into some software (we'll say cooledit) and at 
the same time ran the same signal into and then out of PD (then that signal 
into cooledit) you'd have (on all my tested systems) a lot of latency 
between the two.

Thanks so much for the help

My echo layla interface has ASIO / ASIO 2.0 drivers, but that doesn't seem 
to help
The processor is definately up to par, I guess that just leaves win2K as the 
culprit for bad latency?


>	Perhaps you could dual boot to Linux?  I don't have any latency data for 
>on Win2000, but if you'd like to write a latency test patch, I could run it
>on my system and send you the results?
>	I've wanted to test this since applying the kernel low-latency patch, and
>have never gotten around to it.
>	I have an Athlon 600, 64MB Ram, Redhat 6.2, Kernel 2.2.16 with the
>low-latency patch.

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