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Bill Sack wsack at
Wed Dec 20 03:57:43 CET 2000

one thing i've noticed for a while is that trigger objects defined with
'int' or 'i' cause an error:

error: trigger: i: bad type

pd allows the object to be created but the int outlet behaves the same
as a float outlet. is this a feature? or ... 
is it ... 
... a bug?

if i have a notein object in a patch, and also have a midi controller
plugged in, pd will hang and have to be killed with a sig 9. the dying
message reads:

socket receive error: Connection reset by peer (104)

this is using oss and a venerable musicquest midi interface. this setup
works fine with other linux midi apps (jazz, etc.). i've tried many
combinations of other factors, and if i plug the controller in AFTER the
patch is loaded sometimes i can get a couple of notes in before it
hangs. has anyone experienced anything like this, and was it solveable?



Bill Sack
wsack at

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