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Andrew Archibald archibal at
Wed Dec 20 05:25:38 CET 2000

On Tue, Dec 19, 2000 at 09:57:43PM -0500, Bill Sack wrote:
> one thing i've noticed for a while is that trigger objects defined with
> 'int' or 'i' cause an error:
> error: trigger: i: bad type
> pd allows the object to be created but the int outlet behaves the same
> as a float outlet. is this a feature? or ... 
> is it ... 
> ... a bug?

As I understand it, PD has no integer type.  The "int" box might be better
called "floor" except that it rounds toward zero (ugh!) and behaves like
"float" in terms of eagerness.  So the various objects that want to know
type don't recognize "int", "integer", or "i" as meaning "round this one
off".  However, they do seem to recognize "int" as special in some way;
"trigger flobnurgl" works, but "trigger int" gives an error.

trigger decides what type to give based on the first character of its
argument (don't believe me? look in x_connective.c), and the types allowed
'p' pointer.  What these are and how you manipulate them I have no idea.
'f' float
'b' bang
'l' list
's' symbol

Hope this helps (sorry, I don't know anything about MIDI for your other
question; no money for hardware, not enough energy to try to get ALSA
virtual MIDI drviers going)

Andrew Archibald

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