gem performance under linux

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Wed Jan 3 19:17:53 CET 2001

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> My own plan is to run Pd and "pd-gui" on different machines.  (There's
> a "-guicmd" flag in Pd in which you could specify, for example,
> "ssh next-door pd-gui".  This could also be of use for people wanting
> to run Pd on embedded processors!)

  I normally do this with two instances of Pd for audio, one
for graphics.   I just connect via netsend/receive.

> The only thing I haven't figured out yet is how to tell Gem 
> to render to
> the "root" window on the local machine (while Pd-gui is drawing on the
> other machine's display).  I bet it's easy but I have to 
> learn about the
> X window system's window-finding-and-specifying hooks; then I have
> to modify the "gemwin" object to write to an existing window 
> instead of
> creating a new one.  Sounds easy, right?

  Shouldn't be too difficult.  I used to do tricks like this all the time on

Later, Mark

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