pd missing files from all? distributions and questions

Matt Gerassimoff mgeras at telocity.com
Mon Jan 8 19:13:56 CET 2001


I just started working with pd and it's VERY cool! I am trying all the
examples and it seems to be missing the file ./doc/sound/beat.aiff.  Most
of the patches in the doc/3.audio.examples use it.

I'm running under Linux with a SB Live! and Alsa drivers.  I tried jMax
with little success getting things to run correctly.  I miss having
differing fonts for various objects placed in the window.  It would also
be nice to have colors for objects, connections and comments.  It would
make the patches much easier to read.  It would also be nice to have a
button (menu with hot-key) to reload the current patch.  When I am
creating sub-pathces, I have to close the patch and reload it.  As a hack
I just created an empty window with a message box "; pd-<file>.pd
menuclose" and an object box with the <file> in it.  Either that or change
the object instancing routines to reload the <file>.pd when it
changes.  This solution would be difficult though.

That's all I got for now.  I'm going to start looking at the source to see
if I can add some of the features and how difficult it would be.  I want
to create some externals eventually.

Matt Gerassimoff

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