pd/gem viz

umläute zmoelnig at iem.kug.ac.at
Tue Jan 23 10:49:40 CET 2001

Jörg Dieß wrote:
> halo list.
> a little piece done with pd/gem in one real time:
> www.testphase.at/viz
> select: sproose
> rtx q:
> in the downloaded patch gwin.pd there is an object called 'nop'
> my pd 'couldn't create'.
> when i connect 'create,1' directly to 'gemwin' and click the new-message
> my screen becomes blue with white letters on it. is this correct?
oops !

sorry for mixing up externals.
"nop" is part of the zexy-external, and does (guess !) nothing (a so
called no-operation) but pass through all things unchanged.
there are 2 possibilities to get rid of it:
  1. delete the "nop" object and reconnect everything directly to the
  2. get the zexy-external
  3. make a new pd-patch and save it as "nop.pd"
          |inlet |

sorry for the inconvenience

clicking at "create" will make a huge gemwin (possibly with no borders,
at least under Win). it fills up completely my screen (@ 1024x768 or
something like this).
clicking on the upper-left corner will destroy this window.
this is something inconvenient for trying out the rtx-patch (i really
created this one to show how rtx-worked with video-beams, and i did not
want to show pd-patches (as not to scare the audience).

i will change this in future releases...
by the way : pix_rtx will soon be re-released with this annoying "line
of discontinuity" that is shifting from left to right removed. i  am
currently working on a fine documentation. expect it for next week.


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