netsend killing pd

//m.ash m.ash at
Wed Jan 24 22:53:32 CET 2001

bug? feature? or misconfiguration?

the netsend object seems to kill pd (on linux) if an established conncetion 
to netrecieve is suddenly closed (program termination, system crash,... 
Happened to me using pd 0.31 as well as 0.32 on a linux (redhat 6.2) 
machine communicating with a winnt machine (receiving with pd 0.31, 0.32 
and director)
pd on winnt seems to be a bit more stable on this issues, although this 
action caused at leased some crashes too (i didn't follow them).

is this a bug or some miscongfiguration?
if it is a bug, maybe it could be regarded in future releases that closing 
connections from one side doesn't cause crashes on the other side. (a crash 
on one machine should really not cause a crash on the other machine).
if latter thanks for info


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