[GEM] pix_vid troubles

//m.ash m.ash at gmx.at
Wed Jan 24 23:15:13 CET 2001

>i didn't get pix_rtx to work. pix_video still crashes my pd and
>sometimes even the system. is anybody else experiencing this problem
>under win2000? (even taking care of the power of 2 thing doesn't help.
>pix_draw doesn't work either)
>creating a pix_video object i get a "connected..." message. as soon as
>i turn the renderer on, pd dies. i also wonder if it is correct that i
>get no new "connected at..." message after sending a "dimen .."
>message to the pix_vid?
>iohannes what system do you run?
>(my videosource is one of those hauppauge wintv/pci boards with the
>latest drivers installed)

pix_video and my hauppauge pci card works quite stable running winnt (and 
the "dimen 256 128" message), i don't use win2k since i wasn't able to 
iconfigure my hauppauge and my graphic card to function proberly with pd

apropos rtx:
"...simply superior..."

shouldn't it be easy possible to use image maps (or videos) to some "real 
time" time displacements effects wirh the live input.


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