[GEM] pix_vid troubles

umläute zmoelnig at iem.kug.ac.at
Thu Jan 25 13:35:37 CET 2001

Jörg Dieß wrote:

> u> if your screen becomes blue with white letters on it, this looks somehow
> u> like a your video in. make sure you have a camera connected to your
> u> capture card.
> ah..sorry for my bad expression. i was speaking of the
> microsoft-specific blue screen.
> u> how did you manage to make pix_rtx work if pix_video crashes all the
> u> time ?
> i didn't get pix_rtx to work. pix_video still crashes my pd and
> sometimes even the system. is anybody else experiencing this problem
> under win2000? (even taking care of the power of 2 thing doesn't help.
> pix_draw doesn't work either)
> creating a pix_video object i get a "connected..." message. as soon as
> i turn the renderer on, pd dies. i also wonder if it is correct that i
> get no new "connected at..." message after sending a "dimen .."
> message to the pix_vid?

yes, this is correct, since the driver does not reconnect to a different
image size. instead the frames are still catpured at full resolution (pe
320x240) but only a part of it is read into the image-buffer (the lower
left corner of the picture).

> iohannes what system do you run?
win98se + asus v6600deluxe

> (my videosource is one of those hauppauge wintv/pci boards with the
> latest drivers installed)
> another error:
> i'm using the latest 0.32 patch version and when i leave pd i always
> get the following error:
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> GEM: pd.exe - Application Error
> The instruction at "0x02eda4dd" referenced memory at "0x02f11e94".
> The memory could not be "read".
> Click on OK to terminate the program [OK]
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> bug or feature? (0.32 didn't have that)
> alles,
> joreg.
> [wannabe]

what do you exactly mean by "when i leave pd" ?
actively leaving pd or being left by pd ?
on my system, pd crashes too when leaving it (pe: via file/quit). i do
not know the exact error-message, since it doesn't bother me (crashing
on leaving)
by the way, pd still crashes under linux when closing the gemwin - has
anybody similar problems.

does your capture card work correctly ? can you capture videoIN with the
standard hauppauge-applications ?

do no nothing


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