pd and linux

pix at test.at pix at test.at
Thu Jan 25 22:25:18 CET 2001

what kind of video card are you using? i had a big improvement in sound
quality in all programs when i switched to an AGP card. before that i
would _always_ get glitches when moving from window-to-window, regardless
of cpu load.

also try all the video related stuff, latest xserver,  a lightweight
window manager etc.

On Tue, 23 Jan 2001, mimo wrote:

> after successfully installing pd and gem and
> playing around with all comand lind settings I#m
> still getting a lot of clicks whenever I'm moving
> around the mouse pointer in a pd-window. when
> outside I get less clicks. is this because my
> machine is too slow (K6-300; 2.4.0;
> low-latency-patches; alsa-drivers 0.6-pre2;
> rme96/8) or have I missed something?
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> mimo
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