comparing pointers

pix at pix at
Sat Jan 27 03:29:16 CET 2001

a patch i am writing (which is getting brain-twistingly complicated)
requires that i compare two pointers to see if they are pointing at the
same thing.

"==" doesnt work, is there any way?

the only way i can think of, (and i really dont want to do this) is to
traverse each of them and compare their contents - which in this case
would be a sufficient test (but way too time consuming).

also, what's the difference between a (gpointer) and a (pointer)?

i made a version of the "value" object, that works for pointers, and
inside it, i pass a pointer through a route statement. it goes in as a
(gpointer) and comes out as a (pointer). i can turn it back into a
(gpointer) by sending it into the left inlet of a "pointer" object, which
seems to be necessary for it to be accepted by the right inlet of a
"pointer" object.


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