[GEM] pix_rtx

joreg at gmx.at joreg at gmx.at
Sat Jan 27 16:25:49 CET 2001


was able to run the rtx-patch under win98. for about 1 minute before
it crashed when i tried to open 'gwin 50 50'.
jedenfalls, hut ab iohannes!

but. and this is a big but!
what i saw was no tx-transformation in its original meaning (see:
http://www.tx-transform.com/frame_e.htm -> Technique). as far as i
understand this, tx-transform cannot be achieved in realtime since the
flipping of space- and time-axis needs two finite values. in a movie the
space is limited to its dimensions. but one cannot flip this finite value
with the endless time of a live-video. one could only do it in portions 
consisting of n frames, where n is the width of the video in pixels. 
you would first have to capture n frames and then, while transforming and 
outputting the result, capturing the next n frames. the output would then 
always be delayed n frames.

rite? (hope my english says what i mean).

what rtx does, seems to me like a delayed horizontal flipping of the video.
may be that is what you meant with "...being *completely* different...".
anyway. great!

pd/w2k at least shows me one picture of the cam now (after some
driver-reinstallations), before it dies.

u> does your capture card work correctly ? can you capture videoIN with the
u> standard hauppauge-applications ?
yes. i can capture under w2k.

u> win98se + asus v6600deluxe
have u tried w2k?
pd/gem runs much^3 faster on w2k than on w98 on my hardware.

u> what do you exactly mean by "when i leave pd" ?
u> actively leaving pd or being left by pd ?
u> on my system, pd crashes too when leaving it (pe: via file/quit). i do
u> not know the exact error-message, since it doesn't bother me (crashing
u> on leaving)
yes. i mean that one. just wanted to mention it.



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