openpanel and soundfiler

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Mon Jan 29 19:17:01 CET 2001

this doesn't happen under linux (so it's not a fundamental part of pd,
it's a windows thing). but something you could try, as a kind of
workaround, is to use a symbol atom (added from the put menu), connected
to soundfiler. then to open a file, click on the symbol atom, type the
path, and then hit return. this will then get sent out as a symbol
message. if you want the chance to make mistakes, you could send it to
the cold input of a "symbol" object, and then send a bang to the hot input
when you have got it right.

note, you can change the width of the symbol atom with the "properties"
popup menu, so you can type long pathnames. (you get this menu by clicking
with the right button under linux, assuming it's the same under windows).


On Tue, 30 Jan 2001, Nakayama Yuta wrote:

> Hi,
> I have trouble in reading soundfiles with openpanel and soundfiler, 
> for example 
>    bang -> openpanel -> "read -resize $1 array1" -> soundfiler.
> While the openpanel appears, PD stops generating its sound.
> This makes it difficult to change soundfiles during performances.
> This problem appears even on faster(PIII-900)and much(750M) memory machines.
> Increasing the "-audiobuf" amount cannot remove this problem. 
> Are there any ways to avoid this interval, except for writing 
> all filenames of soundfiles in Message-box?
> I'm using PD version0.31 on NT.
> Thanks,
> U-ta  

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