openpanel and soundfiler

Nakayama Yuta t99685yn at
Mon Jan 29 20:39:31 CET 2001

pix at wrote:

> this doesn't happen under linux (so it's not a fundamental part of pd,
> it's a windows thing).

Hmm, windoZe... :-(

> but something you could try, as a kind of
> workaround, is to use a symbol atom (added from the put menu), connected
> to soundfiler. then to open a file, click on the symbol atom, type the
> path, and then hit return. this will then get sent out as a symbol
> message. if you want the chance to make mistakes, you could send it to
> the cold input of a "symbol" object, and then send a bang to the hot input
> when you have got it right.

Yes, This works fine, and inspired by this,
i noticed a way using receive object and sendpanel, like
  r test -> symbol -> "read -resize $1 array" -> soundfiler
and  sent ";test test.aif" from sendpanel(File menu -> Message or Ctl+m).  
however, I (maybe and others...) still need a way to choose files only by
clicking, because the ways above need key-inputs and this prevent me to use
key-inputs to controlling sounds. 

> note, you can change the width of the symbol atom with the "properties"
> popup menu, so you can type long pathnames. (you get this menu by clicking
> with the right button under linux, assuming it's the same under windows).

Under windows, it seems this option is implemented on version0.32 not
 version0.31. (In my environment,Version 0.32 is a little bit unstable, 
though i prefer its white background and other new features.)   

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