openpanel and soundfiler

pix at pix at
Mon Jan 29 23:03:28 CET 2001

On Tue, 30 Jan 2001, Nakayama Yuta wrote:

> pix at wrote:
> > this doesn't happen under linux (so it's not a fundamental part of pd,
> > it's a windows thing).
> Hmm, windoZe... :-(

when a linux user says that it always makes me think, "small man
syndrome" :)

> Yes, This works fine, and inspired by this,
> i noticed a way using receive object and sendpanel, like
>   r test -> symbol -> "read -resize $1 array" -> soundfiler
> and  sent ";test test.aif" from sendpanel(File menu -> Message or Ctl+m).  

also, if you do this: r test -> "set $1" message -> symbol, the symbol
will be set but not sent. you can later send it with a bang to the symbol 
atom. so you could store/reuse values.

> however, I (maybe and others...) still need a way to choose files only by
> clicking, because the ways above need key-inputs and this prevent me to use
> key-inputs to controlling sounds. 

ah okay. have you experiemented with the extent of the effect? if you have
two patches open, and one uses openpanel, do they both stop? if not, you
could try having a subpatch with just an open panel and a send object.

if that doesnt work, you could try running two versions of pd (will
windows let you do this?), and using netsend + netreceive (a bit

> > note, you can change the width of the symbol atom with the "properties"
> > popup menu, so you can type long pathnames. (you get this menu by clicking
> > with the right button under linux, assuming it's the same under windows).
> Under windows, it seems this option is implemented on version0.32 not
>  version0.31. (In my environment,Version 0.32 is a little bit unstable, 
> though i prefer its white background and other new features.)   

i tried to see if i could do this some other way (sending messages etc)
but i couldn't think of a way. maybe there is a way hidden in the source.


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