QT in linux ?

pix at test.at pix at test.at
Tue Jan 30 11:05:29 CET 2001

Perhaps you need a midi loopback device? This allows you to send midi data
between different programs on the same machine. 

I've never tried using it under linux, but I'm pretty sure there is
support for it in the kernel... somewhere :) (I think it's referred to as
VMIDI, and it's listed in the config section as "Midi Loopback Device"
under "Sound"). 


On Mon, 29 Jan 2001 a.s at clix.pt wrote:

> hi.
> i am developing a project using pd/linux. i am fairly
> new to this universe (linux particularly) 
> but i have experience in such env. like pd (max).
> i was wondering if is there something in linux similar to QuickTime.
> i need to acess a built in synth ... those of you who know max might
> know the qt object by david z. which acesses qt synth ...
> am i dreaming ? or do i have to purchase a synth and noteout it ?
> thanks, sier.

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