metapatch (was Re: survey of objects?)

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Wed Jan 31 22:21:00 CET 2001

 |On Fri, 19 Jan 2001, [ISO-8859-1] _-¯-_ wrote:
 |> apropos 'auto' .. a small patch example at:
 |this is great!

yeah! ;)

 |inspired, i made this:
 |boring and practical. it opens a textfile contining a list of FIR filter
 |coefficients and then makes a patch that implements that filter in
 |another window.

another version

hope this works ..
you need to patch x_connective.c to have the settable r's ...
the diff is included.

but i m not sure how would i get the linenumber (in the mpatchifle) returned
when i create an object, so there's still a few constants in it ..

x z

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