noresync... and compilation on win 95

smedge marius at
Thu Mar 1 20:08:08 CET 2001


nullpointer schrieb:
> I'm running win95 with a pentium2 mmx
> I can change the audiobuffersize e.t.c. but pd doesn't even seem to
> recognise the
> -noresync flag
> if i run
> pd -noresync
> it just shows the help page like ou have made an error..
> Do you not use the noresync flag?
> Im running Pd version 0.32P1
> which i think is the most recent... (let me know if not)

it is a problem of the newer versions (I think since 0.32). i tried
0.32p and couldn´t get sound...
in 0.30 (which i use) resyncinc is done automatically and works fine. (i
think in 0.32p it´s also done automatically, but does not work fine)
the new version ignores the resync/noresync-flag, i also think so.

> Are you using a Gina card too? If so maybe my gina drivers are old or
> something.
> The gina card appears as several output buses on the windows mm control
> panel but i've been using it with cubase fine for a year or so.
> Its using a driver version
> vechogal.vxd 4.03.0
> mmdevldr.vxd 4.00.950

there are newer versions (5.02.0)
but thy don´t solve the problem.

> All I need really is for pd to be able to send to the different outputs on
> my card so i can stick the channels through a desk. Have you managed to get
> this working..

i think for the moment the only possibility is to download older
version. (i can put it some where for you, if its necessary.


> Sorry to pester.
> Thanks
> Tom
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