Latency in Audio

claudio c.scozzafava at
Fri Mar 2 00:40:00 CET 2001

       I've some problems with the latency in PD's Audio in/out.
    I use PD under Windows ME and Win2000 and works very well (in Win2K midi timing is more stable), but I've some problems to use it for my works in real time. I must use it for very little patch (filtering, ring modulation ...), but the latency is about 300ms.
    I run it on a Athlon Th. 800 Mhz, 256 Ram, HD IBM 30Gb, audioCard SBLive.
    How can I reduce the latency? I will buy a Terratec 24/96, so I hope to reduce the latency time.
    Can someone give me some councils?
With my best regards
Claudio Scozzafava
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