Latency in Audio

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Fri Mar 2 08:57:23 CET 2001

Hi all,

in my experience Pd works much better on Win2k than on Win98.

Using Asio and Rme Hammerfall I could obtain good latency (under 50 ms) 
with Cubase. 

Under Win2k the best should be to use a multiprocessor Pc.

And remember you have to carefully look at the interrupts (perhaps 
installing the standard PC Hal helps).

Consider that you'll not be able to achieve good results using the SB 
Live with standard drivers and Pd (I tried).

With The Hammerfall and Pd the latency is acceptable but not ideal.

Don't know about the Terratec.

We'd need the Asio interfacing but is it worth ? 

Wouldn't it be better to use Linux or (possibly in the future) Apple 
Mac OS X ?


Alessandro Fogar

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> Subject : Re: Latency in Audio
> Claudio,
> You are not going to do very well trying to get better results out of
> Windows ME / 2000 until PD supports something like ASIO.  Even then, I
> don't think that the results are going to be that good.  In some tests
> that I did recently the best full-duplex performance I could get out 
> Windows ME was 73ms and Windows 2000 was 120ms - this was using a 
> 'ideal' application with the MME interface.  This was on a 700mhz 
PIII and
> a 933mhz PIII respectively.
> Many companies have been advertising much better results under 
Windows and
> I have to say it seems that either a) these results represent 
> other than real world performance or b) the app runs almost entirely 
as a
> kernel driver (gigasampler being the best example of this).  If you 
> want good latency you should try Linux or Irix.  For the same test 
that I
> mentioned above I got latencies below 3ms using Linux 2.4.1 and Alsa -
> this is using standard programming interfaces and the same computer 
as the
> Windows 2000 test.  If you have to use windows, I would suggest
> downgrading to windows 98 as it is slightly better.
> Karl
> > Hi,
> >        I've some problems with the latency in PD's Audio in/out.
> >     I use PD under Windows ME and Win2000 and works very well (in 
Win2K midi timing is more stable), but I've some problems to use it for 
my works in real time. I must use it for very little patch (filtering, 
ring modulation ...), but the latency is about 300ms.
> >     I run it on a Athlon Th. 800 Mhz, 256 Ram, HD IBM 30Gb, 
audioCard SBLive.
> >     How can I reduce the latency? I will buy a Terratec 24/96, so I 
hope to reduce the latency time.
> >     Can someone give me some councils?
> > With my best regards
> > Claudio Scozzafava
> >
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