Hardisc recording/playing

Olaf Matthes olaf.matthes at gmx.de
Sat Mar 3 23:39:28 CET 2001

> So 1) have you the same poor performance with PD disc i/o objects ?
> 2) Is it specific to pd linux ?

No, quite difficult to get good results unter WinNT too. (And Win98, of course.)

> 3) Do i set something not as it should ?
> 4) Is it because of no special optmisation in pd for disc i/o ?
> 5) how much tracks can you play on which hardware ?

On WinNT (PII 400MHz, 64MB RAM, S/P-Dif-Interface, SCSI HDs) I can hardly play 4
mono files without any pops (it would work when only playing files, the soon I start
to do anything else with pd - especially gem ! - the result is horrible).
I know, there are many people complaining about Win in general, but other software
(Cubase VST, Samplitude...) does the job... so, same problem as on linux

> 6) Does The patchs for the linux kernel solves the problem, some facts ?
> Thx for any help,
> Linium


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