writing pd addons?

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Sun Mar 4 20:04:16 CET 2001

Hi All,

I'm running PD on win 95 and all is fine (cept my multichannel output but
thats another story)
I want to know how easy it would be to write a set of pd objects to deal
with screen output using my own routines.. similar to what gem does but
mouch simpler...(just 2d draw stuff)
I am a reasonably experienced C(++) Coder and i'm using MS Visual C++ 5. I'm
not sure where to start though.. I've examined the Gem code. but to be
honest it's just too huge for me to get my head around it, I need to be able
to start off by creating a really simple library of a few objects that i can
use to commmunicate from pd to my own screen display routines..
(its more the management of the system ,i.e should i be making dlls or what
and how do I link with the pd librarys.. m_pd.h? e.t.c. If anyone had a bare
bones example they could show me I would be most appreciative.
Can anyone help....?


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(all suffixes enabled)

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Date: 02 March 2001 22:26
Subject: analouge input controller

>hi all,
>i have made an analouge input controller box that hooks on the parport.
>it provides up to 88 input chanels with 10 bit resolution.
>it would be nice if someone could adopt the driver i have made for jmax
>to pd, i think this is a usefull device.
>you need electronic experience to build this.
>you can find it on my site in the electronic section.
 http://mamalala.de/files/electronic.html )
>visit me at http://mamalala.de
>ICQ-> NICK: chrisk  ->UIN: 108069244 (not always online.....)

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