Fw: writing pd addons?

nullpointer nullpointer at odessadesign.co.uk
Tue Mar 6 00:01:42 CET 2001

Hi all
>I got zexy and I can see how it works to create a dll
>however if i try and compile the library against m_pd.h pd.lib I get an
>I've read that this is because pd is compiled with vc(ms visual c++) 6 and
>I'm using vc 5.
>(in millers notes, it says that the binarys are compatible but the compile
>will not work with two (5 and 6) versions for src and library)
>I've tried to recompile pd within visual 5 but neither the makefile or a
>workspace will compile.. I get tons of errors and tcl stuff tooo...
>Can anyone help?
>C:\REM [Header]
>(all suffixes enabled)
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>Subject: Re: writing pd addons?
>>I need to be able
>>> to start off by creating a really simple library of a few objects that i
>>> use to commmunicate from pd to my own screen display routines..
>>For creating PD object, have a look to "6.externs" directory in the
>>For a library, you can use GGEE or ZEXY as an exemple. =>

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