More questions (about writing pd addons+others)

Sergi Jorda sergi.jorda at
Tue Mar 6 17:29:11 CET 2001


i'm also seeking for more documentation on how to write objects in C. I
think that doc/6.externs is not really enough! I have BTW this documentation
for jmax, allthough I haven't checked it yet. Is it the same? Should I read
it? Is there something similar for PD? something that explain the needed
methods, etc. I can somehow figure it by reading the simple codes from
6.externs but would appreciate something more.

I would also like to know if anyone has a VC6.0 template project for
compiling addons. I tried to make a new DLL project and compile the
6.externs examples, but once compiled, PD didn't recognize them (it did work
with the makefile).

Is there more documentation and/or tutorials (on control and audio), besides
de 1.manual and 2.control.examples, specially for the features which are
different from MAX and jmax (data structures, etc). What about the objects
that don't have a help (e.g. netsend, netreceive...)

I've also notticed that PD starts eating ressources (computer goes slower as
time goes by, only by being open, even if unused...). Is that possible? I'm
using it on W98.



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