ggee 0.18 with STK 3.2?

guenter geiger geiger at
Sun Mar 11 20:33:01 CET 2001

On Thu, 15 Feb 2001, Larry Troxler wrote:

> I can't get this to build.  make fails, can't find a rule to build
> Object.o.
> Is STK 3.2 known to work with ggee 0.18? 
> I followed the GGEE installation instructions AFAIK. I did "make clean",
> then "./configure --with-stk=../stk", and then "make ggext". And make
> can't find a rule to build Object.o. The only suspicious thing is that
> there is no STK directory in the stk distribution. But there is no
> mention in the stk change log from 3.1 to 3.2 of any directory structure
> changes, so I suppose that 3.1 must also not have the STK subdirectory.
> So I created that directory and copied Object.h into it, and also into
> the stk/include directory. I say suspicious, because there is no mention
> in ggee/INSTALL that this directory needs to be created.
> On this suspicion, I then tried copying everything from stk/include and
> stk/src to stk/STK, just in case the directory structure *had* changed,
> but had the same result.
> Any replies saying whether or not the build with STK 3.2 is known to
> work would of course be greatly appreciated.

Hi Larry, 

sorry for the late reply.

Just downloaded stk3.2, the directory structure of STK has
changed, and so it does not work with stk 3.2.

If you have problems with 3.1 too, let me know. 


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