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On Sun, 11 Mar 2001, guenter geiger wrote:

> On Sun, 11 Mar 2001, Iain Mott wrote:
> > DSP - to lend a little more CPU time to Postgres. I'm no expert on Pgres -
> > but I suppose there must be other ways to speed up response - holding data
> > in RAM perhaps?
> >
> hmmm, using a ramdisk for the database ?
> postgres has a tremendous slowdown, because for security reasons it syncs
> every single byte to the disk when writing. There is a way to turn it off,
> but I can't remember how.

I have an implementation of the k-NN algorithim that would be do something
similar to what you are using postgress for.  It is quite fast for
reasonably small datasets (in the order of a few thousand entries) as it
runs entirely in ram.  These objects were used for a timbre recognition
system that I helped implement (the majority of the work was done by Dr.
Ichiro Fujinaga) - a write up is in the 2000 ICMC proceedings.  If anyone
wants the k-NN object let me know.


> Guenter

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