Gem and MPEG and all that

guenter geiger geiger at
Mon Mar 12 15:57:58 CET 2001

On Wed, 7 Mar 2001, Timmy B wrote:

> Hi kids,
> /home/tim/software/gem-0.84/Gem.pd_linux:
> /home/tim/software/gem-0.84/Gem.pd_linux: undefined symbol:
> OpenMPEG__FP8_IO_FILEP9ImageDesc
> Gem: can't load library
> now, getting under the bonnet we find similar
> symbols in the Gem.pd_linux file. there are 
> various symbols like OpenMPEG in the libmpeg.a
> file, nothing like this ugliness with underscores
> and all that....
> being a nonexpert (mea culpa!) I was wondering
> whether anybody could help me through this...
> Note, this is a 0.84 problem, things seem fine with 0.83 inasmuch
> as the basics work, but pix_image and other stuff fails
> tragically, so I would like to try out 0.84 to see if it is much
> better...

OK, this mess is all my fault.

I have uploaded gem-0.84-3.tar.gz to which is a
version without movie support.

The underscore business in the symbol is because the symbol is a function,
and this is a way for the linker to remember the functions parameters,
which happen to be a file and a ImageDesc.

The new version does not solve the "enum" buissness, which is quite
annoying and I have to think of a proper solution ...
probably we will just make it a #define ...


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