Single sample delay

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Tue Mar 20 18:34:51 CET 2001

Søren Bovbjerg wrote:
> Hi
> I am planning to use PD to make a simple demonstration if IIR and FIR filters. Well, the FIR part is quite easy to figure out, but for the IIR I need to know if there is any way that I can make a delay that will last only ONE sample (before I feed it back).
> Any suggestions?
yep !

1. easiest it is done in message domain !
the zexy-external provides functions to convert signals to messages and
back again. (pack~ & unpack~)
this is kind of annoying, when there should be more delays

2. make a sub-patch with blocksize=1
|block~1 |
unfortunately pd cannot reconstruct the signal from block~1 to block~64
so you have to do this manually : pE : via the pack~ & unpack~ objects

i attach a demo patch for both solutions

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