delta 66 with OSS/Linux

Joshua McFadden joshua.mcfadden at
Tue Mar 20 21:44:26 CET 2001

> > [...] everything's working except full duplex audio on my
> > Delta 66.
> Have you tried the ALSA drivers?

Ah, I see you mean alsa 0.5.10b and not 0.9beta3.  Yes, everything
works now, though I notice that I get a lot of DIO errors as PD
apparently tries to resync occasionally.  Is this normal?  (I'm
running under Linux with realtime priority and a realtime-patched
2.4 kernel.) 

Be it here recorded that I like Pd enough to spend an entire day
replacing a perfectly stable driver with two different completely
unfamiliar pre-1.0 drivers.  :)

Thanks, everyone!

I am the kitten that runs circles around your angst.

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