Single sample delay

umläute zmoelnig at
Tue Mar 20 20:59:55 CET 2001

Søren Bovbjerg wrote:
> So, in other words, single sample feedback is not possible in PD?
no, it IS possible;
just have a look at the example patch : there it is done.
(btw: i hope you are using linux ? the winversion of zexy z~ does not
support the variable delay; dunno why i never have done this)
 if you give the signal-domain IIR-filter a delay of 1 sample it will do
exactly what you want
(anyhow, if you give it a delay of n samples it will do exactly what you
want too...)

congratulations: this is very first time, that my "dirac~"object turns
out to be useful (although i remember
that günter had very strong doubts on this exactly 2 years ago...)
you can easily see, that the you are doing single sample feedback, when
the impulse response of the dirac~pulse is a smooth line


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