Gem segfault

guenter geiger geiger at
Fri Mar 23 17:27:31 CET 2001

On Thu, 22 Mar 2001 pix at wrote:
> So, the code is in the clear! :)

It is, that part of the code didn't change for years, and it has always
been running on mesa. It stopped working for when GLX came up, and in fact
the problem is not a segmentation fault, but a failed X windows request.
(for me at least). As X runs asyncronous it is hard to track them down
generally. You first have to make X run in synchronous mode and put a
breakpoint into the "exit" function (The exit function is the default
handler for failed X windows requests). The you are able to find out which
call causes the problems. Starting from that you might be able to remove
the problem by doing the same thing in another way, changing paramters for
the call, or .. it just might not be possible to remove the problem. 
> Maybe now I can look into doing something interesting with GEM. Did anyone
> come up with any cluey ideas for getting performable video output from a
> PC/Linux situation?

We are using an external VGA/TV converter ... 


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