Announcing plugin~ v0.2

Jarno Seppanen jams at
Thu Apr 5 13:58:55 CEST 2001


fresh out of the oven there's version 0.2 of plugin~, a LADSPA and VST1 plug-in
host for the Pd computer music platform on Linux and Windows systems available
for downloading from IEM:

Overview of changes in version 0.2, released April 4 2001
* control/parameter value setting by parameter number (starting with a
  '#' character) in addition to using parameter name
* LADSPA: Implemented control value bounding
* Support for VST 1.0 (processReplacing()) plug-ins under Windows
* LADSPA bug fixes under Linux (huge thanks to Linium <intent at>
  for quality assurance, merci! :)


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