Laptop setups (more)

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Wed Apr 11 23:18:00 CEST 2001

Anyone know if pd worx with the wami box from ego-sys?
(midi and audio?) its a laptop pcmia breakout box thats been reccomended to


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Date: 11 April 2001 20:22
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>Hi All,
>Thanks for the info..
>What I am trying to do is run PD under win98/95 Beacuse I need to run it
>another app I have written in C++ DirectX and I need to do this using a
>So obviously I need to have a laptop with reasonable directx graphics
>compatibility and fast enought to run pd (for both audio and midi).. So I
>after anybodies experience of using
>audio/midi cards interfaces for laptops under win95/98 (thinking of the
>or the pocket 7)
>....I need to purchase the kit.. but theres obviously no point if my
>patches/app wont run on it!
>Thanks again
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>Date: 10 April 2001 20:33
>Subject: Re: Laptop setups?
>>> Has anyone used a mobile laptop setup for pd performances?
>>> If so could people let me know the spec for such a setup and what audio
>>> cards work?
>>A standart COMPAQ ARMADA with NT4.0 work very well with good performance
>>(PIII 750;256Mo RAM)
>>I use the poor quality sandart sound card :-( but i'll try soon the
>>I haven't find a midi interface that has driver for NT4.0.
>>If somebody have any idea/ experience about it, please tell me.

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