[PD] MIDI multiport on NT

Bob Falesch raf at interaccess.com
Tue Apr 24 05:54:57 CEST 2001

I too have a pressing need for midi port selection under
win32 for the noteout, pgmout, ctlout objects, and their
complements on the input-side.  so any information about
this is ernestly solicited!

B o b   F a l e s c h

Toshinori Ohkouchi wrote:
> Hello Miller, list
> Does anyone develop multi MIDI port on NT ?
> Because I need it for my next project,
> When I saw source code, it seemed almost to be completed,
> I changed some lines and add some midi functions.
> (x_midi.c s_nt.c s_unix.c)
> Still under constraction, but It seems almost OK except MIDI IN function.
> So I must make My-PD at every new release,
> Can the next release include my changes?
> Toshinori Ohkouchi

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