[PD] ::: need help on feeding message boxes :::

stm_sq^n stm_sq^n at bleu255.com
Sat Apr 28 06:24:41 CEST 2001

hi all

my problem is quite simple .. (shame...)
i have a text file in wich there is only one line (words, numbers, dots
... etc...)
i read this text file (textfile or msgfile)
i connect its outlet to a send
i receive it in another patch
and now i want to transmit this "line" to text3d or text2d but those
gem boxes only accept messages boxes [text blablabla[ as input ...

so is there a way to create a message box using what comes out of the
receive box so as to make it works properly with textnd ?

please help
i've started to work with PD two months ago, now i'm totally addicted
but for this point i'm totally stuck °_°'

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