[PD] ::: ZEXY 0.8_2 ::: msgfile (again...) :::

Johannes M Zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.kug.ac.at
Sat Apr 28 16:52:36 CEST 2001

On Sat, 28 Apr 2001, stm_sq^n wrote:

> hi again
> (about lister.pd)
> >> the msgfile in ZEXY 0.8_2 now works (the lister.pd still crashes)
> zikaa> what is wrong with the lister object ?
> zikaa> can you open it ?
> zikaa> when does it crash ?
> i can't open the file lister.pd (tried with PD0.32_1 and 5)
> if i try to open it, Win2k's Dr.Watson comes to say hello :(
could you try to create a "l"-object once and see what happens ?

> (about msgfile)
> zikaa> maybe the routines are a bit too slow (because they are more complex than the
> zikaa> textfile ones) and so you have your access violations now (and not when using 
> zikaa> textfile)
> well it's also the only reason i see ...

> i thought about this so as to be sure that msgfile will leave the file
> and go elsewhere but i haven't tried because this the moment when i
> started to have this very annoying problem with [text2d], so i switched
> to [textfile] for my tests, i will return to yours (cause i need its
> additionals functions) when i will be able to understand why i can't output anything
>  ... (arrrg...)
ah this is quite easy :
both "" and "hello.my.house.org" should be symbols.
"textfile" recognises them as being not floats, but then does not convert
them to symbols but to anythings.
the message-$1 does not know what to do with atoms of no type (or of type
"" or of type "superman.has.com"), it just can handle plain atoms
and lists of atoms.
to get rid of this you can 
1. make sure that the first word in each row is "list"
2. use the "a2l" (anything to list) converter from zexy
3. use "msgfile" (since msgfile does automatically convert to list
everything it outputs) - but of course, then you have the trouble again

> thanks for support ! ^_^

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