[PD] ::: ZEXY 0.8_2 ::: msgfile (again...) :::

stm_sq^n stm_sq^n at bleu255.com
Sat Apr 28 20:01:31 CEST 2001

JMZ> could you try to create a "l"-object once and see what happens ?

the [l] object itself works fine, the crash always occurs when i try
to open the help file (manual open or via the right click menu)

JMZ> ah this is quite easy :
JMZ> both "" and "hello.my.house.org" should be symbols.
JMZ> "textfile" recognises them as being not floats, but then does not convert
JMZ> them to symbols but to anythings.
JMZ> the message-$1 does not know what to do with atoms of no type (or of type
JMZ> "" or of type "superman.has.com"), it just can handle plain atoms
JMZ> and lists of atoms.
JMZ> to get rid of this you can 
JMZ> 1. make sure that the first word in each row is "list"
JMZ> 2. use the "a2l" (anything to list) converter from zexy
JMZ> 3. use "msgfile" (since msgfile does automatically convert to list
JMZ> everything it outputs) - but of course, then you have the trouble again

it works !!!!!!! ^_^ !!!!!!!
ok so now i can output all my IPs and names

this problem solved, i will try to switch back to msgfile and track
down why i have got access violations alerts ..
i will let you know

thanks again and again

definitively a Zexy fan ^_^

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