[PD] help for a newbie

Nicolas Lhommet nlhommet at netcourrier.com
Tue May 1 03:39:49 CEST 2001

I'm a beginner too (and I'm french, but not at IRCAM !).

Todd, about the problems with your soundcard, you should read the "3.1. how
to get and install Pd" section of the documentation, and there is a useful
Pure Data FAQ page at http://www.pure-data.org/

If you want to learn how to use Pd, you should open the patches in the
pd/doc directory, "pd/doc/2.control examples/01.intro.pd" first. It's like a
tutorial. Each example is numbered, they all have comments, try to edit them
and change some parameters, and when you have understood the patch, open the
next example.
If you want more info about one object, right-click on it for help. All the
help windows are themselves patches explaining the objects. You can find
them in the pd/doc/5.reference directory.

I hope this will help you.

Nicolas Lhommet

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