[PD] a mailinglist about the use of Pd ?

richard.bowers richard.bowers at ntlworld.com
Tue May 1 10:35:59 CEST 2001

Hi, all.

In my view it's important to keep the developers and users on one list for
the following reasons:

a) there are probably grey areas between 'use' and 'development';
b) users would probably need the expertise that developers have and there is
a likelihood that developers would migrate away from the users' list and
leave users under-resourced.

I know from the CSound list that there is a healthy mix of expertise which
means that a rich response comes very quickly to even simple requests. And
the debate can get quite lively too. As a CSound user I find the discussions
about CSound internals quite interesting, even though much of it is a bit
opaque to me as a non-programmer.

Richard Bowers.

| Hello,
| I'd like to know if user's questions are welcome in this mailinglist.
| You all discuss about bugs or implementation of new features, that's quite
| interesting, and I hope i will submit some externals or some bug-fix soon,
| but do you plan to create a new mailinglist dedicated to users, keeping
| one for "developers" ?
| I'm happy with the existing list, but this could avoid message like "hum,
| excuse me disturbing you, gentlemen, but I got no sound with pd, sorry...
| please help me, i can't sleep for a week!!" and perhaps help people who do
| not dare to put some simple questions :-).
| Some of you will tell me that it's not worth it, or that it's not very
| necessary, but this could help to differentiate usage from developement,
| promote more discussions about the different uses of Pd.
| Thank you.
| Nicolas Lhommet

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