[PD] a mailinglist about the use of Pd ?

Ben Sommer ben at bensommer.com
Tue May 1 21:59:35 CEST 2001

>>3 PM 4/30/01 -0400, you wrote:
>>>On Mon, 30 Apr 2001, Nicolas Lhommet wrote:
>>> > Hello,
>>> > I'd like to know if user's questions are welcome in this mailinglist.
>>> > You all discuss about bugs or implementation of new features, that's 
>>> quite
>>> > interesting, and I hope i will submit some externals or some bug-fix 
>>> soon,
>>> > but do you plan to create a new mailinglist dedicated to users, 
>>> keeping this
>>> > one for "developers" ?
>>>I've been on this list long enought to know that the newbie questions are
>>>welcome and rarely ingored.  I know that some couple of years ago i was
>>>threatening the list with a simple tutorial for total begginers but I 
>>>never got
>>>to it because I didn't have access to a Linux box on a regular 
>>>basis.  This has
>>>now changed, I have a linux box at home and I already started writing a
>>>tutorial that is starting from zero.  In a week or two (I'm doing it in my
>>>spare time, of which I have very little) I should have something that 
>>>will be
>>>worth putting up somewhere.  I'm sure the guys at pure-data.org will not 
>>>to putting it up there for everyone to use.  I'm doing it in html right 
>>>away.  I
>>>will announce it when it's done.
>>>In the meantime, examples in the pd distribution are the way to go and since
>>>I'm not a developer I will perhaps get involved in answering the newbie
>>>questions.  Looks like the number of newbies is slowly growing.  While 
>>>I'm at
>>>it, I'd like to see a show of hands of people who need a newbie 
>>>tutorial...  or
>>>think it'd be a good idea.  I know that most pd users migrate from 
>>>Opcode Max
>>>(or other MAx flavours) and they don't really need basic stuff but perhaps
>>>there are more newbies than I/we think...

Michael, by all means publish your tutorial. I represent perhaps one other 
Pd constituency: that of users who'd like to get into Max/MSP but who try 
Pd rather than invest in a Mac. Personally, I'd rather spend my time using 
Pd as a musical tool and only occasionally messing with the code. But 
really, how will Pd reach a larger audience if more attention isn't given 
to making it initially accessible? A starter tutorial would go a long way.

Also, I would vote to still keep user questions going through this list.

-Ben Sommer

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