[PD] .pdrc -lib -path limits ?

_-¯-_ jdl at xdv.org
Sat May 5 21:15:29 CEST 2001

 |I guess most of yo noticed that pd crashes on startup if you try to
 |put more than 3 -lib or -path directives in your ~/.pdrc , I didn't
 |yet look into it too much but it's not as trivial to fix as I thought
 |at first, any one more familiar with the issue willing to give it a go ?

i _do_ get a similar problem, but its not bound to a certain number of lib or
path statements but seems to depend on a) the order, b) the combination of libs
i m loading from .pdrc.

at some point i seem to know i couldn't load zexy when i loaded Gem as well. i
can't remember what other exactly combis it were etc.

the solution _always_ was to just put the stuff that didnt work directly into
the commandline.

i noticed this with basically any version of pd, but it seems to change with
xtrnl versions.

uh, check this:

[me at my:~/pd] ./pd/bin/pd
rcfile option = -inchannels 2
rcfile option = -path xtrn:lib:lib-klus:/usr/lib/pd/externs:iemlib/lib
rcfile option = -lib Gem
rcfile option = -lib ggext
rcfile option = -lib zexy
rcfile option = -lib cxc
rcfile option = -lib mapper
rcfile option = -lib iemgui
rcfile option = -lib iemlib1
rcfile option = -lib d_mp3
rcfile option = -lib ann
rcfile option = -lib knn
Segmentation fault
[me at my:~/pd]

when i remove either Gem or knn or mapper or d_mp3 from the list it works ..
when i load knn or gem or or with ./pd/bin/pd -lib Gem -lib x -lib y it also
worx while still loading all the rest from .rc

all of this with very recent versions of all involved software, but as i said,
its been like that also with now not so recent versions anymore of all involved

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