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Mark Danks mdanks at Stormfront.com
Mon May 7 18:02:26 CEST 2001

  I have sent large movies (512x256) and easily kept 60hz.  This is on a
machine with AGP and a lot of texture ram (the actual mhz won't make too
much of a difference).
  The Voodoo2 only accepts 256x256 or smaller...if you try to display
anything larger, it will just reject the texture and make the polygon white.
pix_movie does not try to resize the texture or anything else.  Also,
pix_movie immediately uploads the texture, so if it isn't a power of two,
you will not have any texturing.

To the list,

  What are people's thoughts about how to handle non-power of two sized
textures?  My primary goal is always speed, which means that I don't like to
use automatic conversions, etc.  I would rather that the texture
upload/whatever fail than do a silent conversion for me.  However, I know
that this approach confuses other people who don't know about the internals
of how the hardware needs the textures....

Later, Mark

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> Hello,
> What amount of fps can we get with pix_movie with a 500 mhz 
> computer at 320*256,
> and ... let say 640*512 ? It is just to have an idea.
> I have a voodoo2 and I know that this card cannot display too 
> big texture (I
> don't remember if it is 256*256 or less), does pix_movie will 
> be able to
> display movies with resolution higher than this maximum texture size ?
> Best regards,
> Linium

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