[PD] pix_movie

Linium intent at club-internet.fr
Tue May 8 12:46:59 CEST 2001

Le Mon, 07 May 2001, Mark Danks a écrit :

>   The Voodoo2 only accepts 256x256 or smaller...if you try to display
> anything larger, it will just reject the texture and make the polygon white.
> pix_movie does not try to resize the texture or anything else.  Also,
> pix_movie immediately uploads the texture, so if it isn't a power of two,
> you will not have any texturing.

My intent was at first to display movie as they are, without 3D positionning or
mapping to geos.

With pix_draw I can display pictures larger than the texture ram because it is
directly rendered without passing through it.

I was hoping that since I can do it with picture (and even not power of 2,
btw it works despite an error message), i could display movies with larger res.

It would be too slow not using texture ram for displaying simple movie on the
"flat screen"  ?

BTW, is it possible not to resize but to cut in a source movie a square of the
wanted size to then pass it to the texture object ?

Linium  (who have to consider a new 3D card)

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