[PD] midi syncro

HENRY Damien damien_henry at libertysurf.fr
Tue May 8 23:07:04 CEST 2001

Dear list.

I'm running PD31 on Win98 (PIII 650 - 128mo Ram). Of course I envoy it ;-)

I'm creating  rythms with PD : I use in the same time midi in to receive
parameters and midi out to send note coresponding to the rythme... Many

It's only midi processing so i turn audio calculation off.

My problem apear when i have an  heavy load on midi : the rythme became not
regular !!!

What can help me ?
1) win NT instead of 98 ?
2) linux ?
3) PD32.6 instead of PD31 ?
4) change the soundcard (SB live today)
5) change the block size and overlap (I guess that midi is related to the
block size)
6) change the PC ?
7) other idea ???



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