[PD] Annoying Newbie Questions

Timothy Rolls trolls at binghamton.edu
Tue May 8 23:40:34 CEST 2001


    I have been working with PD for a couple weeks and I think I am starting
to come along. I have a couple simple questions that may have been answered
before, but I haven't found in going over the archive. 1) can a .pd created
in linux work in ME? 2) Does PD work as well in 2000 as in NT? I am
considering upgrading. 3) Is there a list of keywords and their
explanations? I know the basics (notein, noteout, stripnote, etc.) but I
suspect I am missing a great deal of them.

    Also, if anyone would be willing to send me examples of their work for
examination, I would love to see it. I am trying to create a project that
will trigger audio by inputing MIDI. I fear it may take a while. Thanks for
reading and I hope I haven't re-asked too much!

Timothy Rolls
Timothy Rolls, D.M.A.
Adjunct Lecturer - Music Technology
Binghamton University

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