[PD] array-bug

Thomas Musil musil at iem.kug.ac.at
Sat May 12 05:47:56 CEST 2001

hi list, hi miller

i work with pd-0.32patch6-linux-debian.

when i start pd without foreign libraries,
and do the following procedure:

File | New,
Put  | Array,
take the default properties,
(name: array1, size: 100, save contents: yes, in new graph: yes),
File | Save as: bad_one.pd,
File | Close,
File | Open: bad_one.pd,
File | Close,
File | Open: bad_one.pd,

then pd crashed;

>> /usr/local/lib/pd/bin/pd
rcfile option = -r 44100
rcfile option = -audiobuf 50
rcfile option = -frags 32
saved to: bad_one.pd
error: graph: no method for 'list'
... you might be able to track this down from the Find menu.
Segmentation fault
>> pd_gui: pd process exited

when i change the property to: "save contents: no", before saving,
everything is ok.

has anybody tried to save an array with its contents and reopen it?


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