[PD] Freebsd port

Karl MacMillan karlmac at peabody.jhu.edu
Sun May 13 20:06:16 CEST 2001

I have ported PD to FreeBSD 4.3 (if you can call fixing a few compilation
issues porting).  It runs quite well on my laptop, but I will make no
garuntees that it will run on anything else.  There are some issues:

1) Full-duplex does not work and locks up my system.  This is either a
   problem with the soundcard driver or the OSS emulation.
2) I used the OSS emulation mode for audio so writing for the native
   system will probably help a lot (I assume - I know very little about
3) I made externals use the filename .pd_freebsd - is this correct?
4) Everything is almost the same as linux with some exceptions (bstring.h,
   malloc.h, etc).  Defining a FREEBSD macro would mean duplicating a lot
   but checking for freebsd specific code inside of linux specific code
   seems wrong.  What about more fine-grained defines (i.e.  #ifdef
   HAVE_BSTRING) and a config.h or even full autoconf?  Guenter, don't
   you have autoconf going for your debian port?

If anyone wants to give it a try it is in my normal download spot:



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